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Hans-Jürg Strub is widely regarded as one of the leading piano pedagogues of his generation. He has shaped generations of musicians in his position as professor of piano at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), which he has held for the last 30 years. 




Every young pianist has the goal, in addition to learning the pianistic craft, to become an independent musician at some point.

My lessons are largely intended as a supportive companionship during a course of study precisely on this path.


The pianistic skills cannot be considered and worked on separately from the musical aspects, but can only be successful in a synthesis. 

Therefore my musical work treats the basic questions about interpretation, composition and exact reading of the musical text equally and together with pianistic problems.


Differentiated touch and conscious sound shaping have to be worked on constantly. From this technique grows a feeling for the touch - whereby the whole body must always be involved.


In my opinion, the correct grasp of the musical text, the recognition of the musical structure as well as the inner connections of a composition and finally the conscious artistic transformation into sound is of central importance for every musician. 

This conscious shaping, however, is the basis for finding one's own personal expression and thus bringing the music to life.


The goal must be to grasp, to feel the composer's intention in sound, structure and - ultimately summing it all up - in expression, and thus to make the music speak. 

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